Two women jump into river to make a man choose between them

Mar 20, 2015 at 12:37 p.m. ET

You know that Meatloaf song that goes, "I would do anything for love, but I won't do that?" That's what this crazy story involving a guy having to choose between saving his girlfriend and ex-girlfriend from drowning in a river brought to mind. And 21-year-old Wu Hsia had to think fast when they both jumped in to put him to the ultimate test of love: Which one of us do you love enough to save?

This crazy situation came out of a meeting between the three by the river in Ningbo, in eastern China’s Zhejiang province. They came together to settle the ongoing drama that had begun after Hsia left his ex-girlfriend, Jun Tang, for his current girlfriend, Rong Tsao. Apparently Tang just refused to accept that Hsia had moved on, and thus continued to hassle him with pleas to get back together with her. After three months of this, he realized she wasn't taking the hint, so he decided to arrange this meeting to put an end to the back and forth.

Hsia told the Mirror, "I was sick of being nagged from both sides. Rong was moaning about Jun and Jun was moaning about her and it all got too much."

However, the meeting only seemed to aggravate the situation. Finally, when Tsao said something particularly cruel to Tang, she jumped into the river, and called for Hsia to save her, thus proving he still loved her. Pretty nutty all on its own, right? But it gets worse.

Tsao apparently got nervous that Hsia would actually jump in and save his ex from the cold waters below, so she jumped in too to make the decision even harder for him. Sounds like Hsia has a real yen for dramatic women, huh?

Of course, he ended up doing what you'd expect — he jumped in, rescued his current girlfriend, and promptly took her to the hospital since she got a bit battered and bruised in the fall. Then came the funny part — he called his brother to come and save his ex! I imagine that phone conversation went something like this, "Hey can you come down to the river? Yeah, she's pretending she's drowning this time." I just have a sinking suspicion this gal's tried other, similarly drama-filled methods in the past to get her man back, thus the lack of concern from Hsia.

Anyhow, Hsia's brother called the fire brigade, who came quickly, and pulled Tang from the water. She sustained minor injuries, but, aside from a broken heart, was pretty much in one piece.

Now if only these three knew about the love detector study which was recently conducted at the ICAHN School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. They could've signed up as test subjects, and simply undergone an MRI to determine who Hsia truly loved more. They would've gotten the same answer, and no one would've had to get wet.

Oh well. Next time.

Image: Tumblr

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