Most happy couples credit this for how they met (hint: it’s not online dating)

If you think every other couple you meet has met online, then it only seems that way. A new study from Mic shows that even though it seems like everyone and their brother is on Tinder, people are actually meeting more the old fashioned way. Cool, right?

The Mic study took a look at 2,373 people and found that, among 18- to 34-year-olds, 39 percent met their significant others “through friends in common,” closely followed by 22 percent who said they met “out in a social setting.” This means that old-fashioned chemistry is still a lot more powerful than online words.

But who didn’t already know this?

I am a couple years older than the older end of that spectrum, but I met my husband back in elementary school. When we got back together in our 20’s, it was really the perfect time. Our relationship moved much faster because we were already somewhat enmeshed. We’d known each other for years. So when it came time to get engaged and married, we probably moved at a faster clip than most. But why not?

Chemistry is something that can’t be faked over the Internet. We all know that. But many couples who met online are happy. So does this mean that there is one superior way to meet? I don’t think so. But it does mean that chemistry is still something that happens more in person.

Besides, a friend of a friend is a friend, indeed.

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