11 Reasons conception sex is the hottest kind

It’s easy to forget about the hotness of conception sex when you’re in the thick of calculating your fertility.

But if you’re willing to suspend the taskmaster inside of you, try to remember that conception sex might just be the best sex you’ll ever have. Here’s why:

1. No birth control


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Can we get an “amen?” Without the need for birth control, there’s no need for awkward fumbling with a condom or the diligent daily pill habit.

2. You’re free to get freaky


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Do it on the counter. Do it in the car. Do it on a pile of clean laundry. Without the fear of an unintended pregnancy, you’ll feel more sexually free than you ever have.

3. Foreplay increases his sperm count


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True story. Next time your man wants to cut to the chase, you can tell him, “I’m really going to need more foreplay out of you, if we’re serious about making this baby.”

4. But you can skip the BJ


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To make a baby, sperm needs to go into the vagina. Not a mouth. Go ahead and skip it, and your guy will hopefully understand.

5. Interruptions are minimal

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Unless you already have children, conception sex is the last time you’ll get it on without the fear of interruption. Enjoy.

6. You’re in love


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Maybe the sex isn’t bodice-ripping all the time, but you’re in love with the man who wants to impregnate you. That’s some powerful juice.

7. The joy of teamwork


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Your joint goal is now more than simultaneous orgasms. It’s making a life together. That’s a pretty cool goal to share.

8. All that oxytocin


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The more conception sex you have with your partner, the more oxytocin your brain produces. Oxytocin is a feel-good, bonding hormone, and it can build on itself. The more sex you have, the more oxytocin you produce — and the more sex and intimacy you want to have. Cool, right?

9. Release your stress with sex


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If you’re stressing about conceiving, the best way to release some of that nervous energy is in the sheets. Excess energy? Excess moaning when you get it out of your system.

10. Play with positions


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Some experts say that sex positions that deposits sperm closer to your cervix will increase your chances of conception. Doggy-style, anyone? That’s hot.

11. Committed love makes for great chemistry


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Once you settle into a lasting relationship and you’re ready to create a family, you know that passion can give way to romance. And that — no matter how much our culture idolizes lust — can create truly meaningful and comforting sex.

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