Sizzling hot ways to spice up your bedroom routine this week

Feb 23, 2015 at 7:23 a.m. ET

Many of us read Fifty Shades of Grey. Some of us were shocked and some of us even recognized a little of ourselves in the scenarios; either way, it got all the blood flowing in the right direction, if you know what I mean. So why should some little girl in a book get to have all the breath-hitching fun?

There are a lot of different sex positions to be tried; even thousands more by changing the variables like speed, force, where it takes place, when it takes place, your mood and even your partner. Here are a few sexy ways to get some light S&M in the bedroom.


When one sense is compromised, others are heightened, and there is just something about being blindfolded that makes sex hotter than hot. The not knowing what's about to happen to you naturally puts you into flight-or-fight mode, makes you hyper-aware and sensitive and every touch sends tingles down your spine. Granted this only works if there is already an established trust in your partner. You want to be excited to find out what surprise lies in store for you, not in fear for your life. Try it; I'm almost certain you'll like it. Take turns with your partner or go one at a time.


You'll have to take turns being tied up. Decide who wants to be master and servant and go from there. If you've never done it before, maybe start with just lightly being tied up with scarves or ties. Believe me, you want wiggle room. Wiggle room makes it even better. If you're the person in charge, watching your partner respond to your touch and body will be intoxicating. There is something about being in control and out of control that acts like an aphrodisiac. You'll literally be chomping at the bit to get your hands on one another, and you will be creative to get those touches in, which reminds me... no ball gags to begin with. You'll want your mouth free to explore. Enjoy it and let your inhibitions go and your natural instincts take over.

Hot, steamy shower for two

There is something about taking a hot steamy shower together. I suggest you let your guy get in the shower and then you sneak in with him. He will be so turned on that you came in all on your own to lather up his member, he won't be able to resist you. All that hot water and steam makes the whole thing seem ethereal and surreal. A round of hot passionate sex up against the shower wall beats tub sex any day of the week. Just make sure the shower floor is not covered in soap or it could be dangerous but to be honest, imminent danger has always added to the hotness factor for me.

Change up

Try it, you might like it. Try something new, anything from taking charge to wearing costumes or introducing toys. There are things that we women are afraid to ask for, for fear of feeling "slutty" but we just might want it and not even know we want it.

I spent years being a "good girl." I was a 21-year-old virgin, but an experienced lover made me realize that I like to be choked, just a little bit. I like to be bitten. Have my hair pulled and places pinched that I never would have imagined. Maybe for me it's the fear factor, but sometimes I like it rough.

A soft, subtle touch is nice, but sometimes passions run hot and you need a little "rough me up and throw me up against a wall" lovemaking to get the juices flowing. If you are too embarrassed to ask for it, try biting your partner's lip, pinching his nipple, pulling his hair or slapping his tush. Get a little rough and he'll take the hint and reciprocate.

These super sexy moves might sound familiar or may sound completely out of the realm of possibility. The point is to try something new and let your inhibitions go. The sexiest move you can do is feeling confident and ravishing your partner the way you want to be ravished. Life's too short for bad sex.

Image: Oleg Gekman/Getty Images