Man sends wife flowers every year even after his death

Feb 17, 2015 at 10:20 a.m. ET

If the greatest testament of true love is being able to put someone else's needs ahead of your own, one man in Wyoming proved he was head over heels for his wife.

Shelly Golay lost her husband, Jim, to an inoperable brain tumor this past July. When she received a beautiful bouquet of flowers two days before Valentine's Day—and noticed that the card was signed by Jim—she says she assumed her children had something to do with the thoughtful gift.

The truth was even more amazing than she could have hoped.

Before he passed away, Jim made plans with a florist to have them send Shelly a bouquet of her favorite colored roses every Valentine's Day until she dies.

"He's such an amazing man and he can just love beyond boundaries," Shelly told KCWY 13. "There is no boundaries with him, even in death. He's just amazing."

Jessie Row, an employee at the flower shop, says Jim called them up and made the arrangement shortly before his death. When Golay contacted the shop to question them, she says she and the other workers nearly burst into tears.

This man was suffering from an unimaginable amount of pain and knew he was going to die at the young age of 53. And, yet, his concern at the time was that his wife continue to feel special and loved on the most romantic day of the year. True, selfless love right there.

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