Cheating couple caught on camera in most embarrassing way

We all know public sex is against the law. But what about sex in a well-lit office way after hours? What about when the world is dark outside and the only light is your nude butt — across the street from a busy (and dark) pub? What then? A couple of cheaters in New Zealand are about to find out.

Last week, the couple got very down (and very dirty) after hours, thinking that nobody could see them. They both worked at a company called Marsh, Ltd. and from what we now know, she is in her 20s and newly engaged and he is a senior manager much older than her and married with children.

Bad, bad, bad all around. See below:
Their romp went viral when patrons from the pub started sharing their photos on social media and while it’s very embarrassing and may cost them their jobs, there are worse consequences. Their poor significant others. I can’t even imagine if my husband were caught cheating in this flagrant, obvious way. How painful!

I also feel badly for them, though. They thought they were in private. They weren’t. Whether or not they will get in trouble with the law is one thing. But they have been heavily punished enough without it. Losing their jobs. Losing their families. The utter humiliation. All for some sex. It doesn’t seem very worth it, does it?

It all goes to show that cheating never really leads people anywhere good. Even when you think you are in private, there are always more eyes looking in, judging and telling you not to do what you are doing. It’s just too bad they had to learn the hard way.

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