Top 5 totally original Valentine’s dates

Valentine’s Day is now just two weeks away so it’s time to start planning the perfect date. Why not do something a bit different this year?

hot air balloon

A special Valentine’s date is the perfect way to spice up your love life and, with all the options available in 2013, a meal at Pizza Express just won’t cut it. Here are five ideas for a Valentine’s Day adventure you’ll never forget…

1. Ride in a hot air balloon

What could be more romantic than flying over the countryside, spotting familiar landmarks in the distance and getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life? A ride for two people typically costs around £150 and you can choose a morning or evening flight. Just remember to check your date isn’t afraid of heights before you book.

2. Watch a TV show being filmed

If there’s one television show you and your partner love to watch together, why not book tickets to watch it being filmed live? As tickets are usually free this is great for couples on a budget and you’ll get to learn all about what goes on behind the scenes. You might even get the chance to meet the stars.

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3. Race your date at Silverstone

Do you constantly argue with your partner over who is the best driver? Put an end to the disagreement once and for all with a racing experience at a track such as Silverstone. Learn from experienced instructors how to control a high-powered racing car and feel the rush of driving way over the speed limit.

4. Take a ballroom dancing class

Put your dance moves to the test and learn a skill that’s sure to impress your mates on your next night out. A ballroom dancing class is the perfect way to create a truly romantic Valentine’s evening. Ballroom dancing is intimate yet elegant and involves working together to achieve a special result.

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5. Surprise yourself at Secret Cinema

Forget the boring old “dinner and a movie” date. Shake things up by booking tickets for Secret Cinema on Valentine’s Day. You won’t know which film you’ll be watching until it begins to play but you will find clues in the venue and actors in character whom you’ll meet on arrival. Expect the unexpected!

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