Woman falls off cliff right after marriage proposal

Jan 30, 2015 at 11:32 a.m. ET

What should have been the happiest day of one woman's life immediately turned into a devastating nightmare.

This is pretty much as sad as it gets: A 29-year-old woman from Bulgaria reportedly fell off a cliff and died just seconds after she was proposed to by her boyfriend.

Dimitrina Dimitrova had just been asked to become someone's wife in a way most women dream about: Her boyfriend, who is also from Bulgaria and was working as a waiter on the paradise Spanish island of Ibiza, took her to the top of a cliff at Cala Tarida, which is famous for its romantic sunset views, and asked her to marry him.

While jumping up and down because she was overjoyed at his surprise proposal, Dimitrina reportedly fell off the cliff and suffered a heart attack from the 65-foot drop. When paramedics arrived to help her, she was unconscious, but still alive. She died just a few minutes later at the scene.

It sounds like the couple were trying to make a go at it in Ibiza, as Dimitrina had just arrived two days before this horrible accident because she wanted to find work on the island. Police say everything is pointing toward the death being a "tragic freak accident."

I can't imagine how this woman's boyfriend feels and my heart goes out to him, as well as to her family.

This story reminds us of two similar tragedies: Last August a polish couple fell off of a cliff while taking a selfie in Portugal, and just last month, a 25-year-old British man died after he fell off of a cliff in Sydney while watching the sunrise.

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