15 Men reveal the reasons they think they are still single

Dec 9, 2014 at 2:30 p.m. ET

"Why are you single?" This may be the worst question of all time. From your Aunt Agnes at Thanksgiving dinner to your old roommate who sent you the holiday card of his wife, 1.7 children and dog — everyone wants to know why no one will love you.

In a hilarious thread, Reddit threw this question to its male users: Why are you still single? Their answers were pretty illuminating. But we couldn't resist asking some single ladies (and a few men) for their take on these common answers to the "why I'm single" question.

I'm single because...

"I don't ask girls out because I am afraid of both answers" said one man. Another agreed with him adding, "I'm more afraid of them saying yes. I would just stand there like, 'Shit never thought I'd get this far.'"

Answer: It's OK to be scared! Just don't be afraid to be foolish, as it turns out that is what most people find endearing, regardless of whether it's in regard to a friendship or more.

I'm single because...

"Any woman willing to date me is not a woman I would want to date."

Answer: You just haven't met the right woman yet. She's out there somewhere... wasting her life on the internet just like you are.

I'm single because...

"I'm cynical and usually have a very negative view on things. I rarely open up and I like to have a great deal of alone time."

Answer: "I like to have a great deal of alone time" — it seems you got what you wanted so, congrats?

I'm single because...

I severely lack confidence.

Answer: They say "practice makes perfect" because it actually does help. And hey being a little bit unconfident just makes you seem friendlier and more approachable. Nobody likes that cocky guy who thinks he can get every girl.

I'm single because...

"I am slightly overweight, and have never asked anyone out (or been asked out) in my life. Means that I severely lack experience on top of lacking confidence."

Answer: You have no idea how many women you just described too! Find us!

I'm single because...

"I hardly ever go out (as in, clubs/bars), don't drink and love gaming."

Answer: Does anyone really like the bar scene? Although if you want to meet someone, you'll have to go out eventually. Just look for women in places you like to go like the store, library or coffee shops (and if it goes south, at least there's free Wi-Fi, hey-o!).

I'm single because...

"I am extremely introverted and alone most of the time, and prefer it that way."

Answer: Contrary to popular belief, introverted does not mean no social skills. It just means that being with people, even people you love, takes a lot of energy and that you recharge by being alone. The key, according to one guy, is to find someone that you want to be alone with. As one one women tells us, "My friend sits quietly on his computer while his girlfriend plays Pokemon quietly on his bed. They're both as happy as can be."

I'm single because...

"I am ugly but I like beautiful women."

Answer: Love is blind? Or is that only in the movies?

I'm single because...

"I keep looking for something that doesn't seem to exist."

Answer: OK, just so long as you know that. (I'll leave off the part about how happiness doesn't happen, it's made. Or the part about being the kind of person you would like to be with.)

I'm single because...

"I love that I don't have to plan my life. I can do everything I want, whenever I want. When I'm done with college I'm going to apply for a job. If I stay single, I don't have any limitations as to where that job could be. Basically, freedom."

Answer: Hey if you find love limiting, nothing wrong with saying "I'm single because I want to be single." But you really should think about applying for jobs before you graduate.

I'm single because...

"No one has ever felt the same way about me as I do about them."

Answer: Then you're having feelings with the wrong people. And everyone's the wrong person until you find the right one.

I'm single because...

"Masturbation is less hassle."

Answer: It's also less fun. Plus, will your porn site make you chicken soup when you're sick?

I'm single because...

"I'm working on myself, my set of skills, education and fitness to have time for a relationship right now."

Answer: That's actually the hottest thing I've heard all day.

I'm single because...

"I was led on and betrayed by someone I was emotionally invested in, destroying my trust towards any girl I meet."

Answer: Relationship baggage — who doesn't have some? You have all my sympathy. That said, the first thing happened to you, the second is something you chose.

I'm single because...

"I didn't forward those chain texts back in seventh grade."

Answer: Nailed it.

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