How to play matchmaker

It takes a certain skill and knowledge to successfully set up two friends. Here are factors to consider if you’re trying to make a love match.

Happy woman on a first date

If you’re considering playing matchmaker and setting up some of your friends, think things through and tread carefully. You want to keep those friendships, after all, and not lose one or even both friends! Playing Cupid can be fun, but you have to be smart about it. Here are three simple rules to follow when setting friends up on a date.

Be honest with each person

You may want them to fall in love at first sight, but don’t get so swept up in the excitement and potential budding romance that you’re not honest with each person. While you want them to get to know each other on their own and let things play out without your interference, if you know of certain characteristics that might be a turn-off, you might want to forewarn each person. Does the person smoke, for example? Have kids? An unhealthy addiction? Some of these issues might be deal breakers, so you should mention them before they meet.

Consider more than just the “singledom” factor

If the only reason you’re setting up two friends is because they’re both single, you might want to put more thought into whether they would make a good pair. Simply being single shouldn’t be the sole reason to have two people meet. Do they have common interests? Do you think their senses of humour are similar? Though sometimes opposites attract, it helps if there’s something you see in the two of them that would click.

Don’t get too involved in their dating

Regardless of whether the date goes well or blows up in flames, try to stay outside of any drama that transpires. You can ask how the date went, but you don’t want to end up being in the awkward situation where you have to play the middle person who has to break the news to one friend that the other person is not interested. Plus, you don’t want to hear about personal, intimate details you’d rather not know about each friend.

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