5 Ways getting fit will improve your sex life

Getting sweaty can help you with getting sexy. Here’s how improving your fitness can translate to better lovemaking, boosting your confidence, stamina and more.

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If the physical health benefits of exercising aren’t enough to get you to the gym or to work up a sweat in any type of sport, perhaps the ways it’ll help improve your sex life will get you to pull on those sneakers and gear. Here are some ways fitness can help improve your action between the sheets.

You’ll have more stamina

Things can get pretty physical when you’re getting hot and heavy with your partner, so having a good, strong heart from your cardio workouts will translate into more physical and longer-lasting sessions in bed. You’ll be able to keep going for longer without tiring out and may even find yourself having sex more often thanks to this increase in stamina.

You’ll be more flexible

If you practice yoga or Pilates regularly or simply stretch after your regular workouts as your body cools down (like you’re supposed to do to help prevent injury), that flexibility you develop may translate into the ability to try new positions, ultimately spicing things up with your partner.

You’ll have a fitter, more toned body

If you’re shy about your body or self-conscious about what you feel are your problem areas, getting fit may be the confidence boost you need, which will definitely help improve your sex life. If you feel you look hot, you won’t insist on having the lights off or grab at the sheet to cover up your body — you’ll want to flaunt it instead (which’ll surely be a turn-on for your guy).

Your arteries will be healthier

When you exercise, you encourage blood flow, and this makes your arteries more flexible. Better blood flow — yes, even down in your nether regions — can translate to more arousal.

You can be more in the moment

Practicing yoga, for example, will help you develop breathing techniques and gain better focus. In this day and age of so many distractions, our minds are wandering all the time. Gaining better focus will help you maintain your attention on your partner (rather than think about everything you have to get done at the office the next day!) when you’re having sex.

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