6 Signs that he’s playing you

As women, we overthink more than we look at our own reflections sometimes. It is hard to differentiate between gut feeling and being emotional at times, but no woman deserves to be played! He might be pushing you to believe that you’re overthinking is getting the best of you, when in reality he truly is playing you.

Woman eyeing boyfriend on the phone

Everything has to be private

Guys are introverts and like to keep things to themselves. This concept can be foreign to a lot of ladies because the more excited we get about something, the more we want to talk about it. Respect his privacy. But, if he wants everything to remain too secretive and too private, then something fishy is going on. Always wants to meet at his place? Never wants you around his work? It’s time you start figuring out what is truly going on.

He doesn’t pick up his phone around people

We all get busy, but if he coincidentally fails to pick up your calls when he’s out around people and only messages you, then he is definitely hiding something. He can be at a loud place or he is too wrapped up in a conversation, but when it happens too much, you have to start questioning things.

He introduces you as a friend

There’s no need for you to be introduced as a girlfriend until you guys are exclusive and in a relationship, but there’s no need for him to be introducing you as a friend unless that’s all you mean to him. He can simply introduce you by name, period.

You are always the one to pay

A guy doesn’t have to pay every single date and there’s no need for him to constantly be trying to impress you. Being OK, however, with you paying every, single time means that he’s way too comfortable and doesn’t care enough, and could be in it for the wrong reasons.

He never puts effort into planning a date

When a guy cares he wants to impress his woman. Sometimes he will pick the phone and randomly ask her to meet up with him or for her to come for a spin. But, if that’s all there is to it, then he clearly doesn’t care for a relationship or a true romance.

He’s too OK with you seeing other people

No one wants a controlling freak or a jealous maniac, but if you start to really care and you are interested in someone, you will build your way towards exclusivity. If he is too OK with you seeing other people, then, unfortunately, you don’t mean much to him.

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