Tips for a more intimate relationship

Looking to bring back that feeling of closeness with your partner? If the intimacy is waning in your relationship, these four strategies will help stir up those home fires — and keep them burning.

Rekindle the romance

At the beginning of your relationship, you couldn’t keep your hands off each other, ripping each other’s clothes off as soon as you got home, gazing deep into each other’s eyes over dinner and holding hands all the time in public. But it’s natural for things to slow down as time passes. What this means, though, is you both have to put in some extra effort to spark intimacy in your relationship and keep it humming along. Here are some ways keep the home fires burning.

Make time to chat and reconnect

We can all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life and overlook crucial time connecting with the ones we love. Make time, even if it’s just a few minutes when you wake up or before going to bed, to focus on you two and talk about how you’re feeling about each other. Share what you love about each other — it’s always nice to hear you’re loved, after all.

Schedule a regular night of the week to have sex

And stick to it! Put it in your calendars so nothing else takes over. Having this regular, ongoing schedule will give you both something to look forward to and plan for. Maybe you can surprise him with some of his favourite lingerie one night, or he may text you a sexy message in anticipation of your romp between the sheets.

Practice cuddling

Hold hands when walking together at the mall. Spoon when watching a movie rental. Caress his back as you pass him in the kitchen or give him a quick peck when he comes in from taking out the garbage. These are small acts of intimacy, but they’ll add up to creating a greater feeling of closeness with your partner.

Flirt more

As your relationship has grown, you may have started to treat each other more as friends than lovers. So bring out your best flirting game and get playful and coy. Letting your partner know how attractive and sexy you find him can help strengthen your sexual connection.

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