8 Hilarious gifts you can put under the tree for him

Dec 9, 2014 at 8:30 a.m. ET

No matter what stage your relationship is in, you can never go wrong with throwing a few funny gifts under the tree. At the start of a relationship, they'll show him how cool and thoughtful you are without him pulling a Chandler Bing. If you've been together a while — as in, you've stopped pretending you're some magical unicorn who doesn't get morning breath — they'll show him how much you rock at this whole girlfriend thing. (Plus, how many ties can one guy stand, I mean really?)

1. Batman money clip

Batman money clip

This Batman money clip will fold over his money and keep it from becoming a crumpled mess in his pocket (which pretty much screams "badass"). It's die-cast and encased in a matte black rubberized coating with a magnetized grip.

2. Breaking Bad Beaker Mug

Breaking Bad Beaker Mug

Not that you want to encourage him to start his own meth lab or anything, but this Breaking Bad beaker mug is the perfect accessory for his coffee: It features graduated measurements, the Breaking Bad logo, and of course an intimidating snapshot of Heisenberg to wake him the eff up.

3. Flux Capacitor car charger

Flux Capacitor car charger

The Flux Capacitor car charger will really come in handy when your beau's stuck in traffic and totally bored — and you know, when he needs to charge something. It comes with two USB ports, capable of charging almost any USB-powered device. Just plug it into your car's cigarette lighter and BAM — you'll be back in 1985. (Well, not really.) Add to cart...

4. Drumstick pencils

Drumstick pencils

If he once dreamed he was the drummer for Led Zep and still hasn't quite gotten over it, help him live the dream with these handy drumstick pencils. Sure, he won't end up on stage anytime soon, but he'll at least get through that boring report feeling like a rock star.

5. Bubble calendar

 Bubble calendar

No one can resist bubble wrap (and if they say they can, they're totally lying). This poster-size bubble calendar lets you pop a bubble every day. You might have to buy an extra one (or 12) in case he gets carried away.

6. Mop slippers

Mop slippers

OK, so the last time you asked him to clean the floor he used your cat as a Swiffer. Womp, womp. By buying him the lazy housekeeper mop slippers, he'll be able to clean and be hungover simultaneously. Win/win/win — especially for your cat.

7. Video controller poster

Video controller poster

If your guy's a gamer, he'll love this video controller poster that shows the complete family tree and how controllers have evolved. (And if you're starting to feel left out, they also have a poster on Carrie Bradshaw's shoes. Just saying.)

8. Finger drums

Finger drums

If he taps the table so much you kinda wanna break his fingers (but totally wouldn't, pffft!), then buy him a set of finger drums. Every time you hit a drum head it lights up and plays the beat, and you can mix and match the beats to put together your own demo.

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