Now there's a dating website for pot-smoking singles only

Sep 25, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. ET
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It was only a matter of time: A new dating website matches stoners with other stoners.

There are dating sites out there for every type of person: Farmers Only, Christian Mingle, Our Time... the list goes on and on. Now, more and more pro-pot dating websites are popping up to help cannabis-friendly daters find true love.

Actually, it's hard to believe this wasn't already a thing.

One of the sites,, was launched three years ago by a 28-year-old California entrepreneur who was frustrated by his search for a girlfriend who shares his passion. Another weed dater website,, boasts over 6,000 members, according to founder Miguel Lozano.

The number of marijuana-friendly dating websites is only going to grow, thanks to the legalization of pot in both Colorado and Washington. The attitude toward pot is changing, leading more people to open up about their green hobby.

And those who meet on these websites might even find that making these connections is easier. Neuroscientist Michelle Ross recently told SheKnows that pot helped her find her husband — and it's helping her keep the marriage intact.

"Since using cannabis, I no longer drink, am less anxious, and since I was a bit Asperger's, can now relate to him better than anyone I have ever been with," Ross told SheKnows. "Couples who drink together drink to forget, while couples who smoke together do things they remember, whether it's a hike, a music festival, a spiritual conversation or making art."

It's definitely not a bad thing, considering that a recent study showed couples who smoke weed are less likely to engage in domestic violence. The reason? Marijuana releases feel-good chemicals in the body, which in turn chills people out. Plus, weed dates are probably more fun than the typical awkward first outing since we assume they involve a lot of toking followed by a romantic dinner of Doritos and Twinkies.

Much, much more appealing than an awkward drink at the bar followed by a movie.

And if things get serious, there's also this marijuana-based lube.

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