Bride’s fiancé dies before wedding; she honors him in bridal photo shoot

Sep 16, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. ET
Image: Del Sol Photography

When something terrible happens, our natural tendency is to run from whatever we think might cause us more pain.

But when Janine's fiancé, Johnny, tragically passed away just two months before her wedding day, she arranged a wedding photo shoot anyway.

Janine's wedding photo shoot 1

Photo credit: Del Sol photography

Enter photographer Matt Adler, who helped bring her underwater bride idea to life on the Riviera Maya. What resulted was a stunning, moving set of pictures. You can see Janine releasing the pain she's been feeling for months, and ultimately finding new reasons to smile again.

Janine's wedding photo shoot 2

Photo credit: Del Sol photography

"This day was very emotional," Janine said. "At the end of the day I felt so accomplished and I felt more alive than I have ever felt since May first. I really felt that Johnny was smiling down at me and finally giving me closure that I can live my life in a positive way, but never forgetting why I was here. I want to move on and explore the world. I want to meet people who I can share that with. After the shoot I felt like all this was possible."

Janine's wedding photo shoot 3

Photo credit: Del Sol photography

Janine did exactly what she felt she needed after such a tragic loss and she would advise any woman working through similar pain to do the same. Her words following the photo shoot are so vitally important.

Janine's wedding photo shoot 4

Photo credit: Del Sol photography

"If I could reach out to anyone suffering from a loss, I would tell them this. Listen to your heart!" Janine said. "You are the most important person and only you can help yourself. What I experienced isn't for everyone but I do want people to know that you are not alone in all this... When I did this photo shoot I had the best time. I actually had fun for the first time in three months since Johnny passed away. Reach out for help and never apologize for your actions because you are strong and you will get through this!"

Janine's wedding photo shoot 5

Photo credit: Del Sol photography

Janine's fiancé would be so proud at her willingness to tackle her pain so head-on. Here's to wishing Janine all the best as she moves forward in her life, and a big thank you to this glowing bride for sharing her courageous story.


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