Bride relocates her wedding to father’s Alzheimer’s care center (VIDEO)

Aug 22, 2014 at 3:15 p.m. ET
Image: Daniel Sheehan Photographers/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Prepare your hearts and your tear ducts because this story is a doozy.

This weekend, a Michigan bride switched up her wedding venue from her church to a nursing home. The reason? So that her father, who has advanced-stage Alzheimer's disease, could walk her down the aisle.

Need a minute to collect yourself? So did we.

"My dad has been my hero my entire life and I know that if he was well, he would be at my wedding front and center... and I thought, 'Why not move it there and it would be more of a special event?'" the bride explained.

Mirriam and Mark Davis were married at the Ohio Alzheimer's care center where Mirriam's dad, Bernard Reeves, gave her away, beaming as they walked arm in arm.

According to Mirriam's mother, although Reeves may not have understood everything that was going on at the event, the fact that he got to witness his daughter's wedding and be a part of it, was extremely meaningful for everyone involved.

As for the Toledo care center, they were thrilled to host the event.

Talk about a bride who had her priorities straight, and let go of her 'dream wedding,' in favor of one that she won't ever forget.

Check out the photos from the wedding, and feel your heart grow three sizes.

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