Man cooks abortion pancake, kills his girlfriend's baby

Jul 16, 2014 at 5:45 p.m. ET
Image: MIXA/Getty Images

A Kansas man will be arraigned on Sept. 9 for allegedly killing his pregnant girlfriend's baby. The woman was unaware he had slipped medication onto her food, authorities say.

Prosecutors say that Scott Bollig, 30, of WaKeeney, Kansas, committed first-degree murder and aggravated battery when he crushed a medication over his girlfriend's pancake to induce an abortion. According to The Salina Journal, Bollig is accused of causing Naomi Abbott to lose her fetus on Jan. 31 when he put the drug on her food.

Prosecutor Jessica Domme, an assistant Kansas attorney general, said that Abbott ingested mifepristone, which caused bodily harm with lasting effects like nausea and pain.

On Thursday, WaKeeney Police Chief Terry Eberle said in a testimony that Bollig confessed to putting the drug on her pancake on Jan. 26 or 27. He said Abbott ate about three-fourths of the tainted pancake.

Bollig said he bought the pills over the internet on Jan. 14, and spent $60 for five pills. After Abbott suffered an unintended miscarriage of her 8- to 10-week-old fetus, Bollig said he threw the other four pills away.

Abbott told coworkers afterward that she suspected that Bollig put something in her food to terminate the pregnancy.

Dr. Lyle Noordhoek, a pathologist who performed an autopsy on the fetus, said a blood sample from Abbott had tested positive for mifepristone. He noted that the drug should only be taken under a doctor's supervision due to its risks.

Noordhoek looked at a copy of the instructions that came with the medication and said they seemed to be written by someone for whom English is a second language. The instructions did not meet Food and Drug Administration requirements, he said.

Bollig's attorney, Daniel Walter, questioned investigators during a hearing about the tactics they used when Bollig was interrogated. He asked if the investigators had properly read him his rights or coerced him to make incriminating statements.

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