10 Best tweets about love and dating this week

Jun 27, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. ET
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Love is a many splendored thing. It can also be hilarious. See what some of Twitter's finest had to say about dating and relationships this week.

1. Kelly Oxford


Truly I bet many marriages would be saved if we could collectively cut it out with things having to be printed at all. I've never met a printer that didn't totally mess with my sanity.

2. Mindy Kaling


OK this is actually a really great question. On the one hand, if she's a saint, you're toast because who wants to try and live up to someone who never made mistakes? But then if she's a psycho, you can know that you're measuring up nicely, but then there's the elephant in the room of the guy you're with loved a psycho.

3. Ali Waller


Because true companionship always comes down to snacking compatibility. I dated a non-snacker once and it was really hard on me. And yes I use past tense because... Cheetos.

4. Lesley Arfin


Or even better love is… "Will you dance and sing with me for a few hours?" "Yes, I'll get the Best of Backstreet Boys album." Or something.

5. Ronan Farrow


Better than all of my relationships: Gone in 60 Seconds or Must Love Dogs.

6. Megan Amram


I think I might be with her at this point. That and/or a magic 8 ball might be the most effective.

7. Ben Schwartz


Funny because it's true. Sad because it's true. True because it's true.

8. Molly McNearney


Truth: The hardest thing about getting dressed for a date as a heterosexual female is remembering that the only person who is paying attention is a straight guy.

9. Modern Seinfeld


This account is simply genius, and this tweet says so much about dating and technology that I can't stop reading it.

10. Lauren Caltagirone


Takeaway: If you don't have a real boyfriend, an imaginary one will work... until it doesn't.

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