Felon's mug shot proves women still have a thing for bad boys

Jun 20, 2014 at 4:30 p.m. ET
Image: Stockton Police Department Via Facebook

With full lips, sultry blue eyes and a strong jaw, it's no wonder that women are swooning over Jeremy Meeks. Even the little scar above his left eye is cute. But when you get to the single tattooed tear drop under one eye you realize you're not looking at the next Hollywood star.

It's a prison tat. And it's not the only one he's got either. The 30-year-old convicted felon who was recently arrested in Stockton, California, on weapons charges has prison tattoos all over his (gorgeously tan, smooth) skin.

But that hasn't stopped the ladies from looking. When the police posted Meeks' mug shot on their Facebook page to raise awareness of the crime and arrest, they were deluged with thousands of comments about how hot he was. His picture was shared 8,000 times and garnered nearly 70,000 likes. Comments included:

Hot Felon Facebook Comments

This is an internet orgy the likes of which we haven't seen since Ryan Gosling took off his shirt and launched a thousand memes. Many comments were just women tagging their girlfriends so they could come check him out too. And no one seemed at all deterred by the fact that he's married with a kid or by the lack of anonymity on Facebook even though the police description clearly says he's part of a new, active gang implicated in multiple shootings in the area.

Clearly we have a thing for bad boys and we're not ashamed of it. And it's not just bored women on Facebook. A 2013 study found that when shown two different types of hot men, college women almost always preferred the men with the personality traits of narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellism, known as "the Dark Triad." Psychologists tried to explain the results by saying it's likely a combo of evolutionary history and the "used car salesman ability" of the men to sell themselves.

But not everyone was so taken. Some people hoped that he would use his new-found fame to start an honest career in acting or modeling (becoming a Calvin Klein underwear model was suggested a lot) while others pointed out that iron bars and an obvious gang affiliation were definite mood killers. Not to mention his $900,000 bail.

Eh, we'll pass.

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