Everyone is having sex on Thursdays

Jun 18, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. ET
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Think weekends are when most people get busy? Think again: Data from a new app reveals that most people are getting busy before the workweek is over.

Sex is typically something we indulge in over the weekend to help us unwind from a busy week. Don't get us wrong: Sex is great any day of the week, but weekends just give us more time to, uh, have fun with it.

Apparently not everyone feels the same.

Thursday is the day most people are getting down, with Saturday coming in second and Friday in a distant third. And in dead last? Monday, which kind of makes sense.

Also, it turns out sex is pretty much the same, no matter where in the world people do the deed. Partners burn about 150-200 calories for every 30 minutes of nookie. However, the typical sex session lasts anywhere from three to 10 minutes.

The United States tops the list of the most sexually-active countries, with China and Canada coming in second and third, respectively.

The data was compiled from Spreadsheets, a new app that helps you monitor your sexual performance and provides statistical and historical feedback. The new app — which has logged nearly 89,000 sessions in 133 countries — monitors data from the users' movements and audio levels recorded through iPhone microphones and accelerometers to provide "statistical and visual analysis of their performance in bed," all for $3 in the App Store.


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Why? So you know how well you — and your partner — are doing between the sheets. It compiles all kinds of fun data that you never knew you really wanted to know, like his average thrusts per minute and how loud you both get.

The one thing it doesn't do? No video or audio recording because "that would be creepy," according to the makers of the app.

We suppose knowing all of the dirty details can help you improve your performance, much like knowing how fast you're going on the treadmill can help improve your time.

Just don't go sharing that data on Facebook like you do with your workouts. Now that would be awkward.

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