Can a new condom called Galactic Cap be trusted?

A new invention — the Galactic Cap — provides protection similar to a condom. Will it catch on as a new method of birth control?

Galactic Cap

The Galactic Cap is a “just-the-tip” condom that covers only the head of the penis. It can increase sensitivity while still trapping semen, though we’re not sure if it prevents sexually transmitted diseases.

It’s a condom, only galactic. It might not promise out-of-this-world sex, but you never know.

Made up of a polyurethane film and a cap that sticks to it, the base goes on the penis hours before sex. Men can shower or go to the bathroom with it on. When it’s time for action, the cap slides on top of the base, and he’s ready to go.

Check out this video to see how it works:

The Galactic Cap has not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Creator Charlie Powell is launching an IndieGogo campaign on June 1 to raise funds for its development. Powell said the Galactic Cap is “the greatest condom in 400 years.”

Some say the cap has other benefits apart from preventing pregnancy. Some porn viewers are dissuaded from watching when performers wear condoms, but the cap could provide the protection California lawmakers are seeking under a mandate that would require pornography participants to wear condoms during sex, while still providing condom-free entertainment.

To cap it off — pun intended — we thought the Galactic Cap was certainly worth a mention. Who knows? Maybe we’ll find our favorite cap on store shelves soon!

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