Think he’s The One? Check his spit first

Instant Chemistry, the company behind the new Chemistry Check for Couples Kit, wants you to use science to find your soul mate.

Can your boyfriend’s spit tell you whether or not he’s the perfect match for you? Yes, according to a new DNA test.

Instant Chemistry just announced the launch of the Couples Kit, a new DNA test that measures a combination of genetic and psychological factors to determine whether or not a pair has what it takes to go the distance.

Instant Chemistry

“Through intensive research scientists have found that long-term relationship satisfaction stems from two constants — your DNA and core personality — and how those match up with your partners’,” Dr. Sara Seabrooke, chief science officer of Instant Chemistry, said in a press release.

“The science behind Instant Chemistry’s kits is based on this research. By combining biological and psychological tests, we can determine how compatible you are with your partner, and provide ways to offset incompatibilities, for example changing a small habit.”

For $199, you simply register on the Instant Chemistry website and then submit both you and your partner’s spit in the tubes provided in the kit. After processing, you log back in to the website and get the result of both tests.

The first test, the Relationship Satisfaction test, is backed by research from University of California, Berkeley, and measures how each person’s brain processes serotonin — basically, to see how both sides react to emotional situations.

The second test, Long-Term Chemistry is “based on 20 years of research looking at how well partners’ genetic makeup complements each other.”

We know that love is all about chemistry, but can a test actually determine whether or not that guy you’re sort of seeing is The One?

“From a scientific standpoint, it may have some merit,” Sanjay Jain, M.D., author of Optimal Living 360: Smart Decision-Making for a Balanced Life, tells SheKnows. “The only benefit I see to DNA testing is if there is a well-known documented genetic predisposition of certain diseases that may want to be avoided.”

However, some motivations behind attraction might not be so easy to determine in a spit-and-send DNA test.

“Compatibility comes from many sources: physical and emotional attraction are the biggest,” adds Dr. Jain. “Some may be attracted by economic needs while some by spiritual needs. There is no definite DNA which can match these attributes.”

“But from a pure random selection process of nature. I don’t agree,” he adds. “That would be akin to breeding for a thoroughbred or a superhuman race. We may even have a new race of George Clooney-ites.”

Actually, that doesn’t really sound like a bad thing.

Tell us: Will you try this new DNA love test?

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