Love horoscopes: March 24 – March 30

Mar 23, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. ET

People are feeling anything but sexy when Venus, the planet of love, squares Saturn, the wet blanket planet, on March 29. The key to getting through this rough passage is to not make it more of a problem than it needs to be. This is not the time to try to spice up your lovemaking, to turn to him for emotional support and reassurance or to grill him about your future together. Saturn in Scorpio shows that he is preoccupied with heavy matters — as are you. Sometimes it’s easier to pick a fight than it is to deal with the weightier issues that are going on. Let yourself travel parallel tracks for now. Your paths will reconverge further down the road.

Couple taking separate paths
Photo credit: Kirstin Mckee/Flickr/Getty Images

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