Is your phone preventing you from sleeping with him?

Sep 13, 2013 at 6:59 p.m. ET

Newlyweds Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz have adopted a strict no-technology policy in the bedroom. Can doing the same save your love life?

Couple texting in bed

Married actors Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz have a secret for keeping things spicy in the bedroom: They've banned all technology!

"There's nothing technological allowed in the bedroom," Craig told the U.K. Telegraph earlier this week. "If the iPad goes to bed, I mean, unless you're watching porn on the Internet, it's a killer. We have a ban on it."

This. Is. Brilliant.

It seems like our cellphones, computers and tablets are never more than a few feet away from us at any time — and it's cutting into our interpersonal relationships, including romantic relationships.

How texting can seriously ruin your relationship >>

A new study of mobile technology's impact on dating by JDate and ChristianMingle found that 25 percent of singles ages 21 to 26 regularly keep their phones in bed with them, while two-thirds of singles keep their phones within arm's reach of the bed.

Most shocking: Sixteen percent admit to checking their phones during sex.

This addictive behavior can have a lasting impact on your relationship. After all, how can you really get to know someone — or get intimate — when you constantly have your face pointed toward your iPhone?

You can't — and it communicates that you're not actually interested or invested in the relationship.

That's not to say that technology is always bad in a relationship — especially in the beginning stages. According to the study, about one-third of men and women think it's OK to ask someone out via text. The reason? It's less intimidating for both sides. Fifty-five percent of singles feel that using their devices makes it easier to meet and get to know people they're interested in dating.

There's a limit to texting, though: The majority of those surveyed get irritated when they exchange more than 15 messages a day with the person they're dating. That's when an actual phone call comes in handy.

Craig and Weisz are on to something with their technology ban in the bedroom. It shows that they're completely committed to their relationship — and we're willing to bet their sex life is pretty amazing, too.

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