Bracelets that broadcast your single status are a thing

Aug 21, 2013 at 6:05 p.m. ET

Would you wear a bracelet that broadcasts your single status to others? A British company is hoping you will.

MY Single Band

Let's face it: Dating kinda sucks.

Sure, online dating makes it easier to meet other like-minded people, but we've all met that seemingly perfect guy online who ended up being in a serious relationship or married.

If only there were a way to find out whether that cute guy you're eyeing is truly single and ready to mingle before you even start talking to him. Well, there is — at least that's what Europeans Rina Mardahl and Rob Young are aiming for. The Danish-British couple are about to launch a new line of rubber bracelets designed to broadcast your single status to the world.

The idea behind the MY Single Band is to help people "increase new encounters, lower the fear of first introductions, and suit busy modern lifestyles," the pair write on their website.

"The launch of MY Single Band is a revolutionary concept. When worn, the band visibly identifies that the wearer is single, just like a wedding ring shows you are married," they continue. "MY Single Band not only impresses upon others that there is so much choice out there, but also where that choice lies."

The bracelets — all emblazoned with words like fate, destiny and future — are set to launch here in the United States in a few weeks and will retail for about $10 for a single bracelet to about $15 for a pair.

"We recognized that as the population of single adults continues to rise across every age group, they need new and innovative ways to connect," Young told the U.K. Daily Mail.

"Online dating provides one method but cannot measure chemistry and it doesn't help when you are out and about, which is of course most of the day," he continued. "Whilst working at my previous office of 3,500 people, I realized that I saw hundreds of people each day that could potentially be a suitable partner, yet there was no way of knowing their relationship status."

He added, "With MY Single Band you don't have to go looking for single hot-spots, just wear the attractive band and your perfect partner could be just around the next corner."

We have to admit that it's an interesting concept, but the brand has a long way to go before the bracelets are recognized as a universal symbol of singledom.

Guess it's back to the online dating scene... sigh.

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