The rise of interracial marriage

Oct 28, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. ET

The numbers don't lie -- interracial marriage is on the rise. More than 35 percent of people surveyed stated they have a family member who has married someone from a different race.

Interracial marriage is on the rise

We recently came across some very interesting statistics about interracial marriage from The Journal of Marriage and Family and just had to share. Read on for some info that might change your perception of the popular debate!

  • One in seven marriages in the U.S. is an interracial marriage. The most likely interracial pairings are African American men and white women or Asian women and white men. For instance, African American men are 124 percent more likely to be in an interracial marriage than an African American female. This percentage is sure to change because black women are beginning to be more open minded about dating outside of their race.
  • When it comes to Asian women, 125 percent are more likely to be in a mixed race marriage compared to Asian men.
  • The groups on the decline in interracial marriage are American-born Asians and Hispanics. The reason for this is cited as the new influx of immigrants coming from their countries. The reason that the two groups are now choosing to marry within their races is unknown. It could be that they now have more choices for potential partners within their ethnicity due to the influx.

Looking at these statistics, it seems like the trend is on the rise, and this could be because it's becoming a more socially accepted trend. However, that's not to say that everyone is on board with interracial couples! There is still hostility toward interracial marriage, and a startling 46 percent of Republicans in Mississippi think that interracial marriage should be illegal, with only 40 percent thinking that it should be allowed.

Also, Alabama dropped their enforceable ban on interracial marriage in 2001 with an objection from 40 percent of the population. And while it seems like it's mainly the Southern states that object to interracial marriage, objection for the couples can be found in the least likely places.

If these statistics are indicative of anything, it seems like mixed race marriages will continue to grow. All things considered, remember that love only comes in one color.

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