Prolonging The Passion

Why settle for one quick love session when you can prolong the experience over several days? Here are a few ideas to help you and your partner create a longer and more satisfying sexual experience.

Prolonging The Passion

The Karezza Method

For the ultimate prolonged lovemaking session take a few tips from the Karezza (Italian for caress) method. Make love slowly and gently without the end result being an orgasm. The key here is to relax and enjoy the experience instead of uncomfortably suppressing an orgasm. The ultimate goal is to never actually orgasm, except when attempting to conceive a child. This method is used by people who hate feeling exhausted or restless after an orgasm. Try using this method one out of every three times you have sex to improve the connection with your partner.


The all-day tease

The ultimate foreplay involves an entire day of tempting. Your day could consist of a slow, sensuous kiss here, an intimate caress there and before you know it you’ll both be involved in a wanton sensual experience. You can also keep the tease going at work by sending erotic text messages, suggestive pictures or sending a sexy invitation for an encounter later that night. Letting your partner know you’re thinking about them all day will make them feel eager to be with you at night.


Fantasy Weekend

Do something indulgent! Unplug the phones, tell your friends and family you’ll be away for the weekend, send the kids to a sitter if needed, and spend the entire weekend indulging in your every sensual fantasy together. Sometimes getaways are the only solution to lackluster bedroom behavior.

Lover’s Hint: A fantasy weekend could also be a perfect opportunity to live out a few sexual fantasies you both may have wanted to try, but talking about them is the first step. Find out how, here >>


Winner Takes All!

You have the time arranged, but you’re still not sure how to spend the evening. The solution for this scenario calls for a hot, romantic board game. SexPlay and Fan The Flames are great options. With each game you compete to have your sensual fantasy acted upon. Although, you’ll be having so much fun you may never really know who the winner was!


It’s a new world record

One way to extend your sensual encounters is to see how many times or different places you can engage in lovemaking during a certain period of time. You could try to see how many times in one day, or how many different positions you tried, etc. Keep a log, and when you break a new record, plan a private celebration! You can also keep up a healthy competition with your partner by seeing who can go the longest each time.

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