How to beat the wedding stress

Apr 11, 2013 at 9:41 a.m. ET

Have you just had a mammoth blowout with your fiance over floral arrangements? Are you trying to resist the urge to throw up your hands and elope (without him)?

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Stressed bride

If this sounds like you, chances are you've got some serious wedding planning blues. Here's how to beat the stress and get positive about your big day:


Call a wedding planning time out

If you and your fiance are at each other's throats over silly things (yes, place cards are silly), then you need to take a break from big day planning. Put away your bridal magazines, stop emailing your suppliers and ban all wedding-related conversation (at least for a while). Having a breather will mean that you'll both return to wedding planning feeling a little more refreshed and (hopefully) a little less cranky.


Plan a romantic evening with your beloved

Spending time with your partner is important, and no bride is too busy to woo her groom. If you're budgeting, head to a favorite local restaurant or have take-out at home (with candles, of course). A special night together will help remind you both why you're doing all this crazy wedding stuff in the first place.


Think about the bigger picture

OK, we're about to share something earth shattering (you may want to hold on to your seat). You actually don't need a photo booth or letter pressed place cards to get married! Why? Because getting married isn't about the big day itself. It's about committing to the rest of your lives together. Remembering the true meaning of the day will stop you from sweating the small stuff.


Get back into those hobbies you've been neglecting

Hobbies are important. They're a necessary release from our daily stress. So if you've been neglecting your weekly yoga session/cooking class/catch up with friends, you need to get back into it (before the wedding). Remember: A well-rounded bride is a happy bride.


Start thinking about after the wedding

If you're both getting fixated on the stress of planning for the big day, try looking beyond it. After all, getting married isn't about the wedding day — it's about everything that comes later (yep, we're saying it… again). Have a think about what you want to achieve as a couple once you've tied the knot. It'll put things in perspective and help you focus on something other than stressing about table numbers.

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