What's the Secret Language?

Feb 28, 2013 at 9:15 a.m. ET

So what is the Secret Language? It's not quite astrology, but rather, it stems from a 50-year study of the biographies of over 20,000 people who were organized by birthday.

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Based on the internationally bestselling book The Secret Language of Birthdays, comes a new interactive website — TheSecretLanguage.com.

The site claims to present the most comprehensive and accurate descriptions of people's personalities — solely from the knowledge of (you guessed it!) their birthdays.

There are over four million hardcover books in print around the world in over 15 languages of the book itself. It has a huge fan following including celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kris Jenner. So what is it? Well, when you head over to the site, you're able to look up your own personality based on your birthday (that's a pretty good test gauge into whether you believe this or not). You can plug in the birthdates of two people to see what kind of chemistry they have. Essentially, the site explains who you are and tells you all about your relationship capabilities based solely on your date of birth.

So go ahead and try it out. Put in the birth dates of you and your beau, you and your boss, you and your parents, you and your in-laws... the possibilities are endless. This truly one-of-a-kind tool is a great way to find out if that guy you're crushing on (or thinking about marrying) is best for love, friendship or work.

By the way, my "name" is Seductive Zest.

So tell me — what do you think — was it accurate?

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