14 Ways to keep the romance alive on Valentine's Day

Feb 5, 2013 at 8:00 a.m. ET

Here are 14 ways to spice up your sex life leading up to Valentine's Day (and afterwards)!

Happy couple in love


Read to each other

"Short stories are a great way to come up with ideas for role playing," says erotic novelist Leanna Harrow. Take some time to read some of her short stories here, and find a scenario that works for you. Feel free to change it up a bit if need be and put it into action.


Sex furniture

Remember when I wrote a whole article about freaky furniture? Well, revisit it. Some of those accessories can come in handy this month!


Preheating the oven heats up the bedroom

If a way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then what better way to foreplay if not by dessert? Mastrad recently launched their Valentine's Day products which include a ceramic fondue set, reversible heart-shaped pan, heart ice cube tray and heart-shaped baking cups.


All that's missing is the sand

Turn your bedroom into a romantic island getaway. You don't need to go out of the house to get in the mood. Bring Back Desire offers these home romance experience tips.



Cook your partner his favorite meal in nothing but an apron, heels and a smile.


Lights, camera, action

Create a "naughty video" of yourself as a Valentine's Day present to him.


Play a game of Hot/Cold

Write down five sexy things you'd like to do to your man or that you know he would love for you to do on five separate pieces of paper. Hide the pieces around the house. Your man will have a ton of fun playing this adult version of Hot/Cold. [Credit: Nikki Ransom]


Strike a pose

Take a pole dancing class and show your man everything you've learned.



Kahnoodle is a mobile app that uses gamification to keep a couple's relationship fresh and exciting. As silly as it sounds, I find it extremely hot when my hubby washes the dishes or does a load of laundry. Helping around the house and showing me that he truly cares and values my time is a huge turn-on. With this app, partners can give each other 'kudos' when they've done something nice. It is filled with a bunch of other perks. Check it out!


Play Truth or Dare

Remember this game when you were younger? I'd always get butterflies in my stomach before choosing dare and hoped that I'd be dared to do something ridiculously cheesy with my crush. Bring back that nostalgic feeling with your partner. As for truth questions, keep them sexual like, "Would you ever [insert sexual act here]?" You can use said sexual act in your next dare if they answer yes!


Couples yoga

Get in the mood by becoming closer through a more soulful relationship. Forget the game of Twister! Use these yoga moves for couples for some great laughs and revitalization. Video 1. Video 2. Video 3.


Kind notes

They're kind of like the Advent calendar, but without the weight gain! Kind Notes are jars of themes or personalized messages enclosed in mini envelopes for your partner to open every day for a month. Let's bring back the old fashioned love letters with these little guys!


Get married!

Yea, you heard me. If you've always known you're going to have a small (or non-existent) wedding, why not plan a quick getaway to Vegas and elope?



When your man (or woman) comes home from work, greet him or her completely naked and get ready for some action.

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