Lingerie for any day

Dec 6, 2012 at 12:15 p.m. ET

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Everyone knows that. Likewise, lingerie is the most important part of your outfit. At the end of the day, it's what's underneath your clothes that counts. Zing!

Woman wearing lingerie

Think about the questions you ask yourself before you step outside of your house: 'Can you see my bra straps?', 'Do I have back fat from this bra?', 'Does this thong show any underwear lines?' I'm sure the list can go on... and that's just for your day. What about the lingerie you wear at night in an effort to sexify for the boo? 'Do my boobs look perky enough in this teddy?', 'Is my gut sticking out, because these undies certainly feel too tight!' Sure, nighttime lingerie is just part of the seduction process and was made to be taken off immediately, but you still want to look hot and feel hot — which is the most important part.

So what trend is worth your hard-earned bucks? Jene Luciani, the resident style expert for NBC's Today Show, The Wendy Williams Show and The Dr. Oz Show says, "Just like what's happening in fashion, bright colors are all the rage — forget racy reds and lacy blacks — instead think persimmon, fuchsia and lime green for your underthings!" Luciani also notes that thanks to celebrities like Sofia Vergara and the Duchess Kate, pantyhose are back with a vengeance! "Instead of the patterned tights we saw last year, think patterned stockings — floral appliques, fishnets in every color and just plain old pantyhose — with a little sheen to it."

Sujeiry Gonzalez is all about the neon and bright colors as well! Often referred to as "The Latina Carrie Bradshaw," Gonzalez is a vibrant relationship expert and the author of Love Trips. She says, "Leave the whips behind and pick up some scallop lace! Flowing fabrics are also trending. Thank the lingerie fashion gods for that as this style is much more comfortable."

Our picks


Let's get rid of the back fat once and for all

Speaking of comfort, for the women who feel extremely self-conscious in bras, there's Sassybax. Committed to helping women appreciate their own silhouette, this line of bras, underwear and other accessories helps to take away side bulge and bra back fat while supporting and accentuating a woman's figure.

Naked Sports Gear

Talk about innovation!

Speaking from a practicality standpoint, for the women who are outdoorsy and hate those sports bra tan lines, check out Naked Sports Gear! Launched earlier this year, this tan-through sports bra is designed by a burlesque costume designer.

Hips and Curves bra

Full breasts, anyone?

While I wouldn't necessarily call myself plus size, my lady parts certainly are. As a full-breasted woman, it's hard for me to find bras that fit me well and support the ladies, while still maintaining a little bit of sex appeal. I used to feel like all my bras were very "grandma"-esque and there is nothing sexy about that. Hips and Curves provides bras for full-figured women that are flattering, supportive and bring out the sexpot in you!

With the winter season right around the corner, the main objective is to get comfy and get cozy. Whether you choose a pair of J. Crew cashmere pajamas to rock to bed or the sexy animal print teddy, the most important accessory is confidence.

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