Done with Fifty Shades of Grey... now what?!

Jul 6, 2012 at 2:40 p.m. ET

Who knew reading books could change your sex life?

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A good friend of mine recently told me, "Reading Fifty Shades of Grey literally changed my sex life." When I asked her to explain further (even though, duh, I'm reading it too, so I get it), she said that she's hasn't felt so sexually charged before, so interested in exploring different ways of having sex and so physically turned on in a pretty long time. It makes sense, of course, that women in their 30s reading this book are feeling more sexual and filled with desire. Christian Grey provides an erotic fantasy for a woman whose opportunity to really experience this "fun" has long passed. Meaning, if their husband isn't the 'Christian Grey' type, they're out of luck -- stuck with what they've got. Women are changers. They always want better than what they have. So, if they're not satisfied with their sex lives, for example, they'll do everything they need to do to change it.

So what happens after the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is over and you're left longing for more? I have some suggestions to curb your -- er -- appetite:

The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom by Delaine Moore

The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom by Delaine Moore

The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom is a fabulously sexy true story that makes you hold your breath. This book isn't just about a sexual awakening; it's about a self-worth awakening, written by someone who always came off as the super confident, super savvy, smart, cool chick. We'd gone through the same destructive things inside. If we can figure out how to value ourselves more highly, maybe we can figure out how to help the next generation do so. We are evolving. Part of that evolution for Delaine was getting the guts to write all about it in this book.

California Girl Chronicles by Michelle Gamble-Risley

California Girl Chronicles by Michelle Gamble-Risley

This hot, erotic story is also all true. It's about a girl who comes to Hollywood to make it as a screenwriter, only to be distracted by hot men. The language is raw and honest. Pairing that with the author's wittiness really makes this a great read.

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GroundSwell by Katie Lee

Groundswell by Katie Lee

This foodie author writes a story following a young woman as she gets swept up in TWO romances -- one with a movie star and one with a hot surfer dude. It's definitely a great steamy read for summer.

Bared to You by Sylvia Day

Bared to You by Sylvia Day

This New York Times bestseller shares a similar story with our beloved Fifty Shades of Grey and comes from the same author of the known novel Seven Years of Sin.

Ninety Days of Genevieve by Lucinda CarringtonThe Ninety Days of Genevieve by Lucinda Carrington

In this novel, a 90-day sex contract takes Genevieve Loften and makes her a star performer in a series of kinky and exotic role playing fantasies with a man named James Sinclair.

So there you go, ladies. Fill up your Amazon queue and have some fun this summer reading on the beach!

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