Prom night safety tips

May 1, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Recall your own prom night -- it's pretty stressful. However, now that you are the mom, it may be even worse. Hare are some simple tips for keeping your teens safe on the big night.

Teen couple at prom

Parenting expert and Huffington Post contributor Erika Katz, who has a popular blog discussing issues of the tween and teen years, shares some of her safety tips to keep in mind as prom night approaches:

Safety first

Get the phone numbers of your child's prom date and at least five friends so you can reach someone in case of an emergency. Inform your child that you expect them to answer their cell phones and texts should you call them.


Give your kids a curfew -- There is nothing your kids can do after 2 a.m. that they can't do before 2 a.m. It's not a trust issue; it's a safety issue. Do you really want your kids roaming around in the middle of the night?

Best behavior

Remind your child that everyone has a camera. With cameras hidden everywhere, it is so important your child realizes not to behave in public in a way that might cause them shame if it ended up on YouTube.

Consider college

Kids might not realize it, but colleges can take away what they have offered. A college acceptance can be revoked for illegal behavior and for getting expelled from high school. Prom night is not Vegas. What happens on prom night could jeopardize their future.

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