3 Tips for giving back as a couple

Feb 14, 2012 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Giving over receiving has always been something that feels good because you know you are doing the right thing by helping others. Now, imagine what it feels like to do it as a couple. The level of feeling good about what you are doing has just doubled in size along with the amount of support you are providing to those in need within your local community or even elsewhere in the world.

Couple volunteering together

Here are three tips we have used ourselves that can help you and your spouse get involved in a cause while experiencing a stronger bond as a power couple:

Choose a charity that demonstrates a common goal between you

Humans are naturally goal-oriented, especially men, so it can be very satisfying to combine the desire to help others with the ability to accomplish something -- even more so when it's easy to see the results of your efforts. We love to know what is expected of us, and we receive a great feeling of accomplishment when the goal is met. Common goals force couples to equally yoke themselves towards completion. When you work at something together and see the accomplishments of that effort, it brings you closer. At the same time, as individuals, you feel good about what has resulted.

Draw on each other's strengths

Utilizing each other's strengths allows for maximum effort when you are achieving that "give back" opportunity. We choose causes that we both share a concern with and where we feel our individual strengths can make a real difference. For example, we look to help people in situations that we have found ourselves in because we can put what we learned to good use. Also, when involved in helping with community efforts or organizations, we both offer our services with tasks that are similar to where we excel in our personal and professional lives. That way, we know that what we are doing can actually help.

Take an active role in social responsibility

Don't just support a cause; physically go help. This could be going to work on a community build project or volunteering at a shelter. You might be able to buy a donation together at a silent auction. After all, it is fun shopping for others. Helping to organize or distribute to those in need together is also an incredible way to take an active role in social responsibility. The more experiences you share together, the more you build in common.

Every aspect of social responsibility is about goodness and care for those around you. When you participate actively or share your financial success with those in need, you are making lasting memories of times spent together doing something you love with the person you love. There can't be anything better than that!

The CEO Couple Ed and Ellen Schack are living examples of work/life/family balance based on key principles that foster a healthy marriage, business growth and managing the rigor of everyday life: Respect, Communication, Partnership, Fun, Family, Faith, Balance and Well-Being combined with many operational components of business like Strategy, Vision and Competition. They may be reached online at www.theceocouple.com and via Twitter #theceocouple.

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