5 Out of the box date ideas

Jan 25, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. ET

A classic movie date night or dinner date night always gets the job done, but this year why not take things a step further and think outside the box? We've conjured up a list of fun, different date ideas to help you and your man ignite the spice again, or at least take it up a notch!

Couple on date at theme park

Go to a theme park

Yes, we know you're not children, but visiting a theme park together is a special way to bring out the inner child in both of you. Whether it's Disneyland, Seaworld, Six Flags or Knott's Berry Farm, theme parks are the perfect way to bond. You both will have a blast riding the roller coasters, munching on frozen bananas and churros, and tiring yourselves out laughing and squealing together.

Go to an art opening

Whether you live in an artsy town or not, there's always a gallery or studio that has art openings going on. Even if you and your guy aren't avid art-whisperers, don't fret. Art openings hold a different appeal in the sense that there's an underlying degree of sex appeal to them. Take one night off, just you and your SO, and take a peek inside the way others, specifically artists, see life as it is. You never know -- it may turn into a frequent hobby.

Take a salsa class

Now, dance class isn't for everyone, but if your guy has a knack for moves, great or not, then this might just be your cup of tea. Not only are you shaking your hips to a spicy beat, but you're learning together as a couple. If you both really enjoy the class, think about going regularly. Just think, when it's time to get groovin', you and your man will have some spiffy new moves to show off.

Go to a winery

Don't just go on a wine tasting tour, but actually head up to your area's wine country, stay at a bed and breakfast for the weekend, and go wine tasting... all weekend! It's a great and relaxing way to bond with your lover. Have candlelit dinners at night and take long walks through the vineyard together after.

Visit each other's pasts

Depending on both of your pasts, this could get tricky. But if you're both pretty OK in the past department, then visiting each other's hometown is the ultimate way to really get down to the bone on knowing each other. Have him take you to the spots he used to hang out at when he was in high school and the park he played at when he was a child -- even the place where he had his first kiss. Listening to him talk about these things is one thing, but visiting them in the flesh gives his life pre-you a whole new meaning.

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