Girls just want to have fun: Our favorite toys

Nov 22, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Tired of the same old toys? There are some amazing ones out there -- and half the fun is playing around and discovering what your new faves will turn out to be!

The OhMiBod Boditalk Escort Vibrator is the latest in a line of fabulous OhMiBod products that merge geek-chic with steamy sexiness. Want to kick your next phone sex session up a notch? With this, a call to your cell triggers a bullet vibrator, which stays active for the length of your chat. It elevates phone sex from hokey to hi-tech. (, $59)

The OhMiBod Boditalk Escort Vibrator

Babeland's Pink Kink Kit: Who says a touch of S&M can't be adorable? This set comes with an 11-inch mini-whip, blindfold and matching snap-close leather choker, so it's a little nice AND a little naughty -- a whole new spin on Santa's list. The blindfold -- designed to prevent peripheral peeking -- is lined with soft white faux fur that's luxurious against your lids. (, $28)

Pink Kink Kit

Form 6 Rechargeable Vibrator: A true luxury vibe, Form 6 is made of premium silicone, has quiet dual motors that offer modes ranging from gentle oscillations to exhilarating pulses, illuminated controls and features an ergonomic design that will appeal to those looking for internal or external stimulation. It's also waterproof, which means it's ready for bathtub fun! (, $185)

Form 6 Rechargeable Vibrator

Liptrick: Perfect for the purse, it looks just like your favorite lipstick, but so much more fun. It's also quiet and surprisingly powerful, yet discreet -- especially if you are playing with it in inappropriate places. (, $26)

Warm but stylish boots

Trevor Rabbit: We love Trevor; he's one of our favorite BOBs, in fact. (Battery operated boyfriend, duh!) He comes equipped with four interchangeable textured tips, as well as a brilliant little bunny-eared attachment to tickle your fancy. (, $24)

Trevor Rabbit

The Celebrator: This is a unique gyrator used externally to stimulate the key feminine "pleasure zones" found around the clitoris. AKA the fastest way to score the most intense orgasm ever. And it looks like a toothbrush! (, $50)

The Celebrator:

Rhinestone Glamour Cuffs: One can be cuffed to a bed and still be rather glamorous, don't you think? (, $50)

Rhinestone Glamour Cuffs

The Screaming Octopus Vibrator: You'll think of calamari in a whole new way. This powerhouse has textured tentacle tips that vibrate with moderate intensity for underwater arousal. (, $16)

The Screaming Octopus Vibrator

Turn Me On Vibrating Panties: When Paula Abdul was asked about Booty Parlor's "Turn Me On Vibrating Panties," she was somewhat speechless. "That's... I can't even speak... Those are... amazing... I'm speechless!" These seductive side-tie panties are made from the softest lace and the silkiest satin ribbon. However, these aren't just any old sexy panties! Tucked inside the panty's secret pocket is a 10 function wireless vibrating bullet that is operated by remote control from up to 20 feet away! For the ultimate in sexy dates, wear them to intimate dinners, crowded parties, sporting events, on the dance floor or at the movies... it's your sexy secret! (, $99)

Turn Me On Vibrating Panties

Hitachi Magic Wand isn't for the fainthearted. This is a 2-speed, high-powered wand that can be set to speed as fast (6,000 rpm) or as slow (5,000 rpm) as you want -- and the electric DC operation in the device allows for constant and long-lasting power. If you're feeling brave, you can buy attachments that'll kick it up even another notch. (, $52)

Hitachi Magic Wand

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