What to do when you're dating a funny guy

Aug 24, 2011 at 1:17 a.m. ET

Women love a guy who can make them laugh, and that's who the funny guy is. He's the one with a sense of humor, can laugh at himself in awkward situations and can find humor in situations that might otherwise be tense. Women love the funny guy because he doesn’t take himself too seriously, he's quick and witty (so he has to be pretty smart) and he makes her feel good when she’s around him. If you're going out with a funny guy, you may want to reflect those traits you love in him in the way you look and act on your date.

Laughing couple

Dressing for a date with a funny guy

Interestingly enough, the funny guy usually attracts the most beautiful women. Although he may want his woman to have a sense of humor and not take herself too seriously, he also enjoys a woman who knows how to dress appropriately in every social setting. For a dressy evening date with a funny guy, wear a flirty, colorful short dress with a fitted bodice and flouncy skirt. Sexy sling-back pumps or sandals, a matching evening bag and colorful, beaded jewelry make the perfect accessories. Your outfit tells him you dress well but have a fun side.

For a casual date, choose your favorite jeans and T-shirt and top that with a colorful (red, bright blue, lime green) sweater or shrug. Bright flats and a chunky bracelet and necklace are the perfect additions to this outfit -- you'll look stylish without looking too serious.

Makeup for your funny guy date

Funny guys love gorgeous women, so choose makeup that highlights your best features. For evening, new metallic colors in earthy tones look great for your eyes topped off with a smudge of dark eyeliner and mascara. Highlight cheekbones with a natural-tone blush and fill in lips with mocha or caramel lip color. For a casual date, keep your makeup simple with soft eye shadow, little to no eyeliner and a sweep of mascara and blush. Dazzle him with a vibrant red or fuchsia lip color.

Conversation starters with a funny guy

The funny guy usually doesn't have trouble with conversation but if you want to get to know the real him, you may have to ask a few questions -- where he grew up, if he has a pet, if he likes sports, his favorite song and if he has a hobby. The goal is to find out if you both have something in common besides a good laugh. Hopefully, the funny guy will be serious enough to give you straight answers and you can get to know each other better.

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