What to do when you’re dating a romantic guy

Aug 8, 2011 at 3:10 p.m. ET

Romantic guys remember special occasions, always bring flowers and enjoy candlelight dinners. They send you little love notes and are happy to take you to the latest chick flick. Champagne with strawberries by the fireplace on a wintry night is one of their favorite dates. They enjoy pampering their woman and making her feel as if she is living a fairy tale. Romantic guys look for women who share their ideas of romance and enjoy having the door held open for them or taking a moonlight stroll on the beach, arm in arm. Here are some tips on how to dress for your date with a romantic guy.

Romantic couple

Dressing for your date with a romantic guy

Romantic dressing means lace, ruffles and frills, flowing skirts and billowy blouses. For a dinner date, try a mid-calf length dress with a lace overskirt over satin and form-fitting bodice with either spaghetti straps or lace sleeves. Or for a less traditional romantic look, wear a peasant-style blouse and full skirt. Strappy sandals work wonderfully for both styles. For a casual date, full-cut trousers and a satin blouse or tank will do the trick. Granny-style tie-up ankle boots will tie this look together. Wear your hair down and wavy or curly or up with a few loose tendrils around the face and neck.

Romantic make-up

Looking fresh, sweet and flirty is the way to go with the romantic style. Stick to pinks, plums and corals for that sun-kissed look. A dewy foundation followed by pink blush and soft eye shadow will do the trick. Skip the eyeliner and try colored mascara instead. The finishing touch is a soft pink lip gloss.

Conversation topics for your romantic guy date

The romantic guy isn't shy about telling you how you make him feel, but he probably won't open up about himself without a little prodding. Ask him what his all-time favorite romantic movie is, what he enjoys doing when not working or his idea of the best vacation spot. Talk about music or ask what concerts he's seen.

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