Getting a second date

Feb 10, 2008 at 4:05 a.m. ET

Are you second date material? In a weekly dating poll we asked Loving You users what would make them decide whether or not to go out on a second date. The following are a few of their answers.

Getting A Second DateWhat your date will be looking out for!

During The Date

"I would go out again if we both had fun and gained a higher knowledge of each other." -Kat

"What would make me decide to have a second date would be to have shared some of the same interests. You know so we can actually have something to do while were out. It makes the relationship exciting, and keeps your mind on something instead of worrying about 'what if' all the time." -Teeasha

"I'd go on a second date if he is funny, and able to carry on an intellectual conversation. I would feel very comfortable being around him." -Michelle

"If a man can intrigue me with his humor, intelligence, that look in his eyes and make me feel like a queen in the smallest of ways (little things), there will be a second date." -Ashley

"I think the second date should come if you click with the guy/girl. If there is a conversation that lasts longer than 5 minutes, and he/she doesn't say, 'Um really?' and roll his/her eyes and looks away, or look bored." -Crystal

"I'd consider a second date when there is mutual attraction, not only physically, but also in the intellectual and spiritual level." -Nicole

"If you find someone who makes you laugh, and makes you feel happy, then it's worth holding on to to see if anything is there. Everything deserves another chance, you only live once, so what's the harm in trying?" -Claire

"In my opinion, what makes me decide if a first date is worth a second is when or during my first date I'm having fun. I don't have to look at my watch and count how many hours I have left so I can go home. Also, when the guy I'm on the date with has a very good sense of humor." -Giselle

"I would go on a second date when the guy tries hard to learn more about my life. When he doesn't say things that are insulting, and starts off personal questions by saying, 'You don't have to answer this if it seems offensive.'" -Kimberlie

The Goodnight Kiss

"I'll go on a second date when a guy doesn't say he'll call me for that second date, but instead makes definite plans right then and there. A good kisser doesn't hurt either." -Bobbi

"The decision regarding a second date is involved with basically, his manners. There shouldn't be any kind of pressure on the first date, and you should definitely not go to a movie. Who is going to want to talk during a movie? If he is really interested he'll think of something fun and entertaining, but not something that will take the attention off of you. And of course, the goodnight kiss. If it's bad, he's S.O.L." -Danna

"If the guy doesn't expect sex on the first date, then he is worthy of a second date." -Stephanie

Lasting Impressions

"I'd go on a second date if they still give me that butterfly in the stomach feeling by the end of the date." -Dan

"If he thinks I'm even cuter after I've managed to trip over my two left feet, or drop part of our romantic dinner on myself, then he's definitely worth a second date in my book!" -Erin

"When your date is over and you're lying on your bed not able to stop thinking about him; that's when you should consider a second date (and a third, a fourth...)!" -Tiffany