Romantic Horseback Adventures

One of the staples of American romance has been the horse. In the old movies, when the hero got the girl, what did they do? They rode off into the sunset together! How romantic would it be to ride up to your honey on a large white stallion and whisk them off for a wonderful adventure? It may not be as unrealistic as you think.

couple horseback riding


Learn to ride

Horse riding lessons vary in prices depending on where they are located and how good the trainers are. Check around online to be certain you’ll be learning from a qualified teacher, and be sure to ask them if they offer special discounts if you and your love both take lessons.

Horse Riding Adventures

After taking a few lessons you will be ready to start your adventures, and there are many to choose from: riding tours, inn to inn rides, cattle drives, horse drives and so much more! For explanations on exactly what these things are, and for links on how to participate, see below.

  • Riding tours consist of taking a ride into the back country and spending the night in the wilderness. There are many different plans depending on your location. Most range from $500-$1500 and last from around 3 to 8 days. Improve your horse-riding skills in the hill country of Texas.
  • An inn to inn ride would bring you a horseback riding adventure coupled with the comforts of home. As the name suggests, you set out each day on a preset course and stop to spend each night at a different inn or hotel. There you would have dinner and breakfast the next morning. The prices range from about $800-$1800 and most plans last a week. Try a Foxtrot ride through the Ozarks of Missouri and you’ll be sure to see wild turkey, deer and other wild animals.
  • Go on a cattle drive where you will be riding from around 6 – 12 miles a day, herding cattle across the land. At night you will be camping out with soon to be close friends. This is an excellent way for you and your love to meet new and exciting people. Cattle drives last about a week and a half and cost between $1000-$1800. Take the cattle from across state borders on this cattle drive through Arizona and Utah.
  • Need some excitement? A horse drive will offer you a galloping good fun adventure. Take your honey on a fast paced ride over a long distance, but only if you are both experienced riders. This is not for beginners. Horse drives usually last a week and cost around $1200. Try a four day, four night tour on Black Lake in California, here.
  • Having trouble convincing your partner to rough it for a few days? Then try a more relaxing adventure. Be a part of a wagon train and follow the trails into the wilderness in a covered wagon from the past. These are especially fun for special occasions like family reunions or weddings. Try a wagon ride through Yellowstone National Park and enjoy a scenic picnic, here.


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