Loving ways to love your partner

Feeling loved is a beautiful thing. People will do just about anything to capture that feeling. It is not only rewarding being the recipient of such intentions, but it can be even more fulfilling when you are the giver. Take a few moments and read what some of the readers at Loving You say makes them feel loved, and try a few on your partner tonight!

If you feel like you’ve lost the way to love, these ideas will help bring it back.

“When he looks into my eyes and without saying a word makes me feel like I’m the most incredible woman in the world.” -Den

“When he can tell something is wrong, and he actually asks and makes sure you are all right, and then he says sweet things to try to cheer you up.” -Jenny

“I feel loved many ways… when a guy puts his arms around you and tells you he loves you and that you’re the most important person to him; that always feels good. Also, when he tells me often that he loves me and always will; that makes everything better so I don’t have to guess whether he loves me or not. I think it’s the best feeling in the world.” -Danielle

“When my boyfriend calls me for no reason, or if we haven’t seen each other for a while and he just hugs me and doesn’t want to let me go. One time, when my boyfriend and I hadn’t see each other for a while, I walked into his room and he gave me a hug and kiss and said he had missed me. I thought that was the best way to show you love someone.” -Kasey

“Just when someone can’t seem to get enough of me, when she can’t let go after a hug. Other than that, the eyes say it all… that sparkly look sends me right to heaven!” -Rami Baby

“I feel loved through my wife’s attitude towards me.”-John

“What makes me feel loved is knowing someone special (like a girl) loves and cares for you. She sticks by your side no matter what happens. She is around no matter what type of mood you are in and helps you out.” – Aaron

“The little things that are done without even thinking. And then when you ask why, their simple reply, ‘just because.'” -Jenna

“When your loved one is not embarrassed to kiss you or hold you close in public.” -carissa jenkins

“When my lover holds my hand all the time and kisses me ever so sensually.” -Gaye Gerring

“I feel loved when I wake up in the morning to my boyfriend holding me and stroking my face, telling me how beautiful I am in his eyes.” -Dawn

“I feel loved when my boyfriend remembers the little things that I think he never pays attention to.” -nicole

“A phone call with no reason behind it, other than to hear my voice.” -Berenice

“When your significant other goes out of his or her way to do something for you. Even the smallest, simplest things like a kiss, touch, card, etc. Anything that shows they are thinking of you and taking the time to show you.” -Ben

“Knowing that through all things, that the love of my life will be true and faithful, compassionate and a true best friend to me, all the days of our lives. There is nothing that can make a man or woman feel more loved than that.” -Kevin

“When I feel appreciated.” – Star

“What makes me feel loved is when my fianc” looks into my eyes with all the sweetness and innocence in the world and smiles like the first time, and tells me I am his best friend and that he loves me and then hugs me so close. One of the other things that makes me feel loved is when he sticks up for me about anything, even if he doesn’t always agree, he stands up for my right to feel that way. -Laura

“An appreciative partner who gives back as much as they get.” -Anon

“What makes me feel loved is my boyfriend holding me tightly, as if he will never let me go and keep me forever.” -Helium Bubbla

“I feel totally loved when I walk into a room where the man I love is, and he can’t keep his eyes off me, he can’t concentrate on his conversation because he is watching my every move. Just knowing what’s racing through his mind at that moment is like we’re the only two people in the world.” -Barbara

“Being held by my husband while I drift off to sleep.” -JayCee

“I feel loved when my girlfriend shows interest in me, and cares about what I have to say. I feel loved when they do something for nothing, when they tell me I love you out of nowhere.” – Brandon

“Knowing that the person is genuine about his feelings… I think the only way to know someone loves you is to feel their love. In order to feel their love they have to show it without limits.” -Larhonda Civers

“What makes me feel loved is the fact that I know he is there for me and will do everything in his power to make me smile.” -Jacqlynn

“What makes me feel loved: The smile that forms on his face as he sees me arrive in his view. The tender whispers I hear from him with a crackle in his voice knowing that I make his heart jump. Knowing that I can be open with him on any issue, and the twinkle in his eye’s still shine. Knowing that when I touch him he becomes jelly in my arms.” -Michele