Why traveling couples have better sex

Aug 15, 2013 at 8:00 a.m. ET

It's true. People who travel more will be happier and have more sex. And there are studies to prove it!

Couple with do not disturb sign at hotel

A recent study dubbed The Expedia Pleasure Index (EPI) found that travel makes people much happier overall. It also finds Americans love vacations so much, that they are much happier when traveling than by their marriages, weddings or birthdays.

These same travelers report more happiness with their love lives and with their work lives the more they are able to get away.

So does all this happiness lead to great sex? Well, the great sex is on you, but couples who travel together are far likelier to be more intimate on vacation than they would be at home. EPI finds that vacations boost libido and 88 percent of Americans are at least "somewhat likely" to be intimate on vacation. Moreover, 40 percent of Americans who take a vacation in a year report that they're much more likely to be intimate while on vacation. All that says — and this may be obvious — is that those looking to put a spark in their love lives should plan a trip!

Why is vacation sex better? We asked and you answered!

SheKnows reader Nicole K. and her partner keep the bedroom as a "sacred" area, only to be used for sleeping and hanky panky. Together, they make sure that the sheets are always clean, the bed is always made, candles are burning and adult toys are all clean and ready to use, stored in a designated area of the room. "This is why I can see how exciting vacation sex can be," she said. "It's a sort of getaway from the rest of the world."

Another reader, Allana P., was extremely excited to share her thoughts: "Given I just had sex last night and I'm on vacation, I would say vacation adds an element of unknown to one's sex life. It also makes intimacy a priority since there's nothing else to think about — like mowing the lawn or cleaning the house."

Here are some other things you said!

  1. You're more relaxed.
  2. You don't have to clean up.
  3. You have the freedom to try something new and be as loud as you want to be.
  4. Experimenting with exhibitionism by the window while the curtains are open.
  5. New sensations of a different size bed, better sheets, new furniture and other places.
  6. Room service brings you food and you can eat in bed afterwards.

"Vacation sex is better because it recreates the newness that a couple once felt when they were first getting to know each other and having passionate sex," says Carole Lieberman, M.D., psychiatrist and author of Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets. "Also on vacation, couples can escape from the daily grind that wears down their passion. There are no bills to worry about, no household chores to get done before sex and so on."

Creating "vacation sex" at home

Dr. Carol Queen, Staff Sexologist for Good Vibrations, suggests that you and your partner allow your mind and libido to wander to an unpressured and frisky place. "Add your vacation memories to erotic talk, and plan for the future," she says. "Fantasize where you'd like to go next — maybe you can get a little taste of excitement just by talking about it."

Essentially, if vacation sex is better than regular sex, try to recreate those feelings and that setting in the comfort of your own home. Afraid of being too loud? Surprise your paramour with a hotel room for the night. You don't have to "travel" far to travel.

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