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The Best Career Advice I Ever Received

There’s nothing quite like having a network of successful women as your friends. These are the people you count on when you have a setback in your career, when you’re trying to decide if you should ask for more money or when you just need to lean on someone who’s been there. But not everybody starts out with those resources. So, we rounded up a group of winning women to tell us about themselves, their careers and some of the best (and worst) advice they’ve gotten along the way.

Gia Peppers is an entertainment journalist who wanted to be a basketball player growing up and instead became a writer. But she doesn’t think her younger self would be disappointed. “I still am on the path that my kid self would be proud of,” she said. The best advice she’s been given is “what’s for you is for you” — meaning, she says, “You just have to believe in yourself, and if you don’t get the part, it wasn’t for you.”

Leah Faye Cooper, a fashion editor and writer, said she always wanted to be a writer. But the thing that surprised her about her career is that she thought it would be a stable gig and then she’d eventually retire. “That is not the case,” she laughed. “My career has definitely had ups and downs.”

Alyssa D’Angelo, a personal chef, is no stranger to embarrassing work situations. Once, she dropped 22 quarts of lobster stock all over the floor. But that’s also when she learned her greatest lesson: “You just have to keep going and figure out how you’re going to make today work.”

Watch the video above to get more real talk from these awesome women.

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