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What Date Night Is Really Like When You’re Married

It’s no wonder so many of us are fans of love stories. There’s nothing quite like having a partner to share life with, but the downside is that, well, everything can get a bit routine. You have the same conversations (about the kids, work, or the dogs). You watch the same TV shows. You get comfortable with each other, which means less dressing up and feeling sexy and more wearing pajamas and drinking cheap wine in front of Netflix.

Still, we all have — ahem — desires, and no matter how comfy we get, those don’t disappear. We might find ourselves slipping on that one nice pair of underwear or making ourselves smell really good in the shower. Some couples develop wordless signals to show each other interest; others have to come right out and say it. And sometimes it’s a mixture of the two, with a side of negotiating terms and scheduling time on a shared calendar. That’s why this funny video explores the question anyone married with kids asks themselves at some point: How can sex and romance cohabitate with parenting, TV and daily exhaustion?

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