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What First Love Really Feels Like

Most of us can remember the first time we fell in love. Maybe we were young, crushing on the classmate who did the best finger paintings. Or maybe it was a little later, as hormones started raging and the world seemed to be coded in sideways glances, or even past that, when we first started going on “dates” to the movies or the bowling alley.

Only about a quarter of married people are married to their first love. That means, for the vast majority of us, first love is one of many experiences that we’ll get to have with romantic feelings. Our first love does tend to leave a lasting impression, however, and set expectations for the level of connection and passion we expect in future relationships.

Whether your first love was a unique connection with someone, finally being your whole self or a whirlwind romance in a foreign country, it’s incredible what the feeling of love does to us. So, we asked six people to describe what love meant to them when they first felt it.

“It was almost instantaneous, even though we were so different,” actress and author Maria Bello shared of her first love.

Angelique, who found love early and promised to reconnect later in life, described the experience as powerful. “We realized we were soul mates,” she said.

Or maybe Gigi said it best: “Love is when you feel a certain connection with someone and you feel warm and tingly.”

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