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How to Take a Family Vacation in 15 Easy Steps

Summer is drawing to a close, back-to-school season is in the air, and the kids are starting to get a little antsy from all the anticipation. But there’s still totally time to cram in one last vacay, right? Well, yes, but we all know that any family trip isn’t a cakewalk — even though everyone always ends up having a blast.

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There’s just so much involved. Deciding on a vacation spot everyone will love, packing and getting out the door alone saps all your energy, and you haven’t even arrived at your destination yet. Plus, you know you all are going to eat too much sugar and stay out way too late. It’s enough to make you vow not to take another vacation again — until you get home and realize you’ve created amazing family memories that are gonna last a lifetime for you and your kids.

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Deva Dalporto of My Life Suckers is walking us through the crazy, fun and totally universal steps that every parent experiences while getting the fam prepared for (and through) a memorable road trip to the amusement park. It’ll totally inspire you to squeeze in one more excursion before school starts.

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