Professional bridesmaids are the next big thing in wedding planning

You could call Jen Glantz an Internet sensation. She began just like many 20-somethings out there, with a certain talent for being a bridesmaid for her friends. Over and over again. Jen got so talented at her bridesmaid duties that her friends began joking that she should enlist her services to the world outside of her immediate circle. They even nicknamed her “the professional bridesmaid.” 

Jen decided to heed their advice. She posted an ad for a “rental bridesmaid” on Craigslist and got over 500 requests… in 24 hours. Clearly, people were interested in this service, so Jen decided to capitalize on the opportunity and set out on her own. Thus, Brisdemaid For Hire was born. She has now traveled all over the country and even overseas to help brides on their special day, offering tailored packages depending on their specific needs — and she continues to grow as we speak!

Name: Jen Glantz

Company: Bridesmaid For Hire


FacebookBridesmaid For Hire

Instagram: @BridesmaidForHire

Can you give us an update on where your company stands now?

Last year, I worked with over 40 brides and maid of honors. I have about 10 different packages — everything from standing up at the aisle with a bride on her wedding day, to a bridesmaid boot camp class where I teach bridesmaids how to prepare for this role of a lifetime. I’ve also had over 8,000 women apply to work for me and become professional bridesmaids. Last year, I hired three and am looking forward to expanding even more this year.

Will you share a favorite bridesmaid story — and a horror story?

My favorite story was working with my very first bride, Ashley from Minnesota. She fired her maid of honor and hired me to be there for her before and on her wedding day. She was my first client and when I came back from her wedding, I said to myself, “Wow, this business, this service, is absolutely something that can change people’s lives.” I was ready to fight for this and grow the business.

Here’s a horror story. I worked a wedding in Nevada, at an open field. Right before the ceremony started, I noticed there were animal droppings all up and down the grassy aisle. I had two choices. I could leave the poop there and watch the bride walk her Manolo Blahniks right into it and have her beautiful white dress stained poop color. Or, I could pick it up with my bare mitts. Let’s just say I did the latter and I’ll never forget it.

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