You have to see these pets re-create your favorite Christmas movies (VIDEO)

One of the best parts of the holiday season is hunkering down on a chilly evening and watching your favorite Christmas movies. The only thing that might make the experience better is if more cute animals were involved.

Just imagine watching Christmas classics like A Christmas Story or Home Alone, but this time they’re starring a bunch of hilarious dogs and cats.

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We took a number of holiday favorites, including How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Polar Express and Love Actually, and reimagined them starring some talented furry friends. Believe me, the costumes alone make it worth watching the whole thing. Oh, and did I mention there are outtakes at the end? Yeah, you’re definitely going to want to stick around for those. Let’s just say some “happy accidents” occur.

Will Ferrell and Samson the Doodle in Elf
Image: Warner Bros./SheKnows

Can we talk about that hilarious Grinch cat in How the Kitten Stole Christmas? I did a spit take when he pushed the How to Ruin Christmas book over. And that pug playing Ralphie in A Pugsmas Story was the absolute perfect animal representation of the original boy.

As you saw at the end, SheKnows worked with The Humane Society of New York and PetSmart to produce the video as a way to encourage people to give a pet a forever home this holiday season. If you’ve been thinking about bringing home a furry friend and creating your own Christmas movies with them, this is the perfect time. What better way to embrace the holiday spirit than by giving a dog or cat a home? Plus, as you can see, they look super cute dressed up in Christmas gear if you’re looking for a fun holiday card idea… just saying. And special thanks to our furry cast: Chloe the Mini FrenchieSamson the Goldendoodle; Hamilton; Rufus Pug; Tinkerbelle the Dog; Theodore FitzpatrickBeverly, Remy and Rocco.

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Full disclosure, I’ve put reindeer antlers and ugly Christmas sweaters on my cats, and while they’re not always thrilled about it, it makes for the funniest photos. However, after watching this video, I’m definitely stepping up my game to holiday movie spoofs. If you need me, I’ll be fitting my orange tabby for a skeleton suit to play Jack Skellington in A Nightmare Before Catsmas.

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