12 Stereotype-busting pro-female ads that help pave a path (VIDEO)

When is the last time an advertisement grabbed you? I mean really grabbed you. Made you sit up and take notice. Made you proud to be a woman.

For us at SheKnows, it was last year. We were tired of seeing the typical portrayals of women in advertising. Hot babes in bikinis weren’t doing it for us. We wanted more. We wanted to see women who looked like us; who acted like us. Women who were lauded for their strength and not just their bodies.

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And we weren’t the only ones. With women representing a $7 trillion market (that’s not a typo, yes, that’s a “t”) and controlling the vast majority of their household’s purchasing decisions, brands noticed, too. And so did our kids. In a survey last year, 94 percent of respondents said they thought portraying women as sex symbols in ads was harmful.

2015 Femvertising awards

Let’s make it even more personal: How do we tell our girls — and our boys — that it’s OK to be different, to look different, to not be perfect when advertisements tell them the opposite? And dear God, I shouldn’t feel embarrassed to watch a hamburger commercial with my 6-year-old.

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A panel of 16 diverse and high-profile judges sifted through dozens of amazing and inspiring pro-female campaigns to narrow it down to three campaigns in four categories, listed below.

Now you can vote for your favorite ad. Just go to our #Femvertising voting awards page and tell us who you think deserves to win.



Next Generation

Social Impact

So again I ask — when is the last time an ad campaign really moved you? Here’s your chance to let brands know what we as women want to see. And what we want our daughters to see. And our sons. And maybe, just maybe, the rest of them will take notice.

Click here to vote from now until 11:59 EST, June 19. You can vote once per day.

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